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22 January 2012 @ 08:32 pm
Arashi's Beautiful World UraArashi Special JWEB  
Before I drop the translations, I'd like to say that RE-POSTING is NOT applicable. However if you'd like to re-translate to another language please do ASK before hand.

Here are the translations. NO photos included sorry.


Aiba Masaki in Sapporo

This is the big bath in Sapporo Dome!!
Here in this bath, there are lots of memories recorded year after year *smiles*

For those who came to Beautiful World Tour and for those who thought of coming, thank you very much.

It was definitely a thoughtful tour.
I'm thankful to be able to do a concert, but I'm also thankful to be able to stand healthily on stage.

On the first day in Osaka, I wore the costume beautifully... with my left nipple showing out in the open *smiles*
On the last day (in Fukuoka), we celebrated Sho-chan's birthday *smiles*
It was a really fun and interesting live (concert).
Everyone, thank you very much.

Hope that the everyone is overflowing with Beautiful World...


Matsumoto Jun in Nagoya

This is something I took in the green room before the concert started (^o^)

It was the moment of 'Having all members hands and LET'S GO!!'

Beautiful World
Has finished in all venues!
It was a long tour since July but, every time, was definitely fun, they were the best concerts! (^o^)

This time, Tokyo Dome's concert was changed to the shape of Waku Waku Gakkou, Kokuritsu had a day changed, lots of things has happened but....
To be able to finish the tour, I'm really grateful.
Thank you for those who have come!!
It was an memorable time with lots of energy and strength being received.
If it was the same for everyone, I would be happy..

Beautiful World Tour has ended however, I hope that every single person in this world to have a Beautiful World..
I hope for those people around me with lots of love and hopes, so that you are able to realise those small happiness...

From here on as well, please listen to the five of us singing.
And to have an interesting and fun concert with everyone!



Ninomiya Kazunari in Osaka

This is Osaka~
This is Osaka you know~

Somehow... it feels like I'm a pro at saying that (LAUGHS)

Then with this setting!!

It's free! (LAUGHS)

I'm so glad... To be Arashi *love heart*

All of the concert days are now over and I am now at home.

As usual I'm spending my free days.


It's all over...


Since the afternoon I'm just day dreaming~~~~ (LAUGHS)

I'm the one who's doing it.

I'm day dreaming~~~~ like an athlete who has won. (LAUGHS)
Aside from that, yesterday Arashi tour has finished m(_ _)m

Thank you so much for your good work m(_ _)m

For everyone who participated.

For everyone who still supported even though cannot participated.

I really thank you very much.

Last night I came back home, today I thought of going back to my parent's place so I gave a call...

When I did

No one at home answered.

So it's another day where I'm thinking of cutting my hair.

With that.

I'll do something at home (LAUGHS)


Ohno Satoshi in Tokyo

This was decorated in the green room because Kokuritsu was an outdoor live.

With that, ARASHI LIVE TOUR 'Beautiful World' thank you for your hard!! Thank you for everyone who came *stars stars stars* This tour which started from last year's summer, it was a year where lots of troubles and problems appear however, we did the concert with full of feelings of getting everyone to feel of energy, smiles and relaxation, even if it was just a little bit! In order for 2012 to be a wonderful year of smiles, all five of us will do our best *thumbs up* So please be kind as well this year *oeace* *smiles* Let's meet again soon!! Arashi will be like this, this year also so plese have a peace of mind *palm* *smiles* YAY *peace*


Sakurai Sho in Fukuoka


This is I. This is Sakurai.

Arashi Live tour
'Beautiful World'

Everything is now over
m(_ _)m

A long tour which started from July last year.

For those who participated.

For those who had the wants to participated but couldn't.


To everyone.
Thank you very much.

The photo that I was in charge of was from the last day of concert (15th January).

Right before the concert.

The backstage.

In the place where we make a circle, this was prepared and placed there.

It was something that the staffs made in a hurry when the rehearsal was taking in place.

It's a happy thing isn't it.

This. Feeling.



2012, 15th January
Sakurai Sho


I hope everyone enjoys reading~♪
lois: yama pairloissama on January 22nd, 2012 11:24 am (UTC)
Thank you, Ari..
crunchychucrunchychu on August 13th, 2012 11:42 pm (UTC)
thank you very much for your translation XDDD Oh-chan is as brief as always