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24 June 2009 @ 09:41 pm
Happy~ ...  

..... ~ Birthday to Fujigaya-kun!

I know it's a day early... but I probably won't be able to do it tomorrow~ Since one, it's JAM day! xD James Cook and Moorefield Day~ and on friday I have Maths Extension 1 exam D: *runs off* (i don't wanna do it)

ONE ON ONE is awesome~ (gomen... i'm listening to it right now that's why... xD) Maru's part is LOVE!!! ONE ON ONE!~

........... !!!!

I missed an issue on Wink Up!!! The July edition! WITH NINO ON THE COVER!!!! T________________________T

I'm so getting a subcription when I get a credit card so I don't miss any editions... D:


Ijou! That's it from me today~ Gomen no updates~ I shall do that soon (hints: after exam probably~)

Oh and I don't have Fujigaya's icon so I used Hiro's instead~ lol waaaay different but it'll have to do xDDDD

oh and my birthday is in 12 days~ yay!