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11 June 2007 @ 08:01 pm
Long time no see...  

Hishashiburi na?

I haven't updated in awhile. Been busy downloading stuff :P:P

Anyway sorry for the late news but HAPPYBIRTHDAY TO Mamoru Miyano !!! He turned 24, three days ago.

Araki's birthday is also coming up. His birthday is on the 14th of June. I hope by then I won't forget.

Downloading Happy Boys ep 3 now. Thanks to

watersmeet256 !!! Anyway I got a phone call from Kinokuniya last tuesday about my order for Zukkii, Arayan and Seto's photobooks that arrived that day. I can't wait till this saturday when I got them!!! Well, I'll update again soon!!! Ja ne!!~~~~
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