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11 January 2010 @ 12:10 pm
Sydney Fan Meet Part 2 (CLOSED)  

First part of this is HERE :D
Ok, so we're down to two days. Please leave a comment on which day is the best for you :D
Thursday, 21st January 2010


Friday, 22nd January 2010
Time: 11.30AM til 5PM
Place meet up: Kinokuniya Japanese Section

Thanks guys! :D
Btw this is a vote, the most favoured one will be the day it will be on :D
Vote will be close on the Sunday, 17th January 2010
So be quick!

sakurashou : 22nd
guin89 : both
yipyop : 21st
mk2star : both
sella90 : 22nd
pumpkiiin : both
jl2020 : 22nd
emileigh_91 : 21st but can come both days
kotcka : 22nd
rabu_massu : 22nd
daikinumber1 : 22nd
captxfizz : 22nd
doppeyyy : 21st
2redfairywings : 21st
yama_shin : 22nd
septimal_moon : 22nd
ririirawrs : 22nd