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19 January 2010 @ 09:52 am
Sydney Fan Meet Final Part (CLOSE)  

Ok, so this is the final update guys!

Date: Friday, 22nd January 2010
Time: 11:30AM until 5PM (
whoever wants to go home earlier or alter it's up to you)
Meeting place: JAPANESE SECTION (JE section) in Kinokuniya Book Store
What we will be doing: Browse Kino for about 30mins to 1hr, and then we're off to lunch. Lunch is at a Japanese place near George St. Cinema. And then after that we're off to karaoke (how many hours we will be singing is to be decided on the day but max 4 hours).
How much you should bring on the day: whatever you want to spend in Kino + max of $20 for lunch + $5/hr/person for karaoke

If you still have any ideas as to where we can eat or what to do on the day, please let me know :D
This post will be open until the day of the fan meet!

I'm sorry for those guys that have voted 21st and cannot make it on this fan meet, I'm thinking of organising another one probably in the next school holidays or in Winter holidays (nabe time XD)

Thanks guys!

And I forgot the most important thing DD:
Arisa (me): 0431522805 or 0403296051
Emily (emileigh_91): 0430220503

PLEASE SAVE THESE NUMBERS ON YOUR PHONE! So that you can contact either the both of us on the day just in case! But you should be able to find us easily because we're in the Japanese section :D