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10 August 2007 @ 06:05 pm
Internet back and dead again  


Sorry, the internet was dead back three weeks ago, because I used my download limit for downloading stuff, so yer... Lolz

Now, that I'm back, I can start downloading again!!! XDDDD

Got Kazuki's new single (my sousin's friend still can't buy it for me oh well... I'm gonna ask my dad instead :P) from Animemusicstore!!! Thanks a lot~~~

Not long ago we got a blog update from KenKen's blog site. Can't believe that he's finally coming back (well they didn't say that but I really am hoping he will!!!!!!!!!!)

Anyway, can anyone tell me ow to use a lj-cut?

[Edit]: I know how to use it now.


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Mood: crankycranky
Music: Kazuki Kato - Instinctive Love