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10 August 2007 @ 07:17 pm
Tuti/Nagayan Fic  
My friend and I wrote a one-shot of Tuti/Nagayan after I show her the Year 1 - 4 essay in tutixnagayan .

Anyway here's the story 

 As It Was Meant To Be

Nagayama Takashi stormed out of the room, pushing roughly past Kimeru, who was just coming in to get his lunch.

Kimeru looked into the room to see Tsuchiya Yuichi better known as Tuti, was standing in the middle of the room. He was blinking rapidly and looking towards the door.

“Tuti? Are you okay? What happened?”

“Nothing, it’s fine.” He said too quickly to Kimeru’s liking.

“Hn. Well anyway, I was going to ask you if you wanted to come to the theme park tomorrow? You do? Great! I’ll meet you there say – 11 a.m.? Great! Ja ne!” Kimeru said in a rush, not giving Tuti a chance to say ‘no’. He moved to the fridge, grabbed his lunch and left the room.

Now understand, Kimeru had no intention of going anywhere tomorrow, but after seeing the hurt expression on both faces of the ‘Golden Pair’, he had to do something. Does anyone else think that this guy has been playing Fuji Shuusuke for way too long?

The petite pop singer strode down the hallway with a cat-got-the-cream look on his face. Now to find the actor better known as Nagayan. 


Nagayan checked his watch yet again. It was 11.30 and Kimeru hadn’t turned up yet. He thought back at why he agreed to come. Oh! That’s right, he thought it would be a great escape to get his mind off Tuti. He looked around, hoping to get a glance of his way ward friend. He noticed a few people looking at him over their shoulders including an old man. Thinking nothing of it, he walked over to the vending machine, attempted to pull out some change from his pocket but couldn’t due to his jeans being too tight.

“Here.” A hand appeared in his line of vision hobbling coins. Nagayan glanced up at who had given him the change.

“T-Tuti?” Tuti smiled gently.

“Hey, I was looking for Kimeru. Have you seen him?” Tuti’s regular smiley voice said quietly.

Nagayan frowned slightly, something was off with the way Tuti was talking and acting. Then he actually comprehended at what Tuti had said.

“Kimeru?! Damn, he set us up!” Neither man noticed a group of girls overhear Nagayan’s exclamation.

“He asked you to meet here too?” Tuti’s smile disappeared.

“Yes, well I suppose I’ll just go home then. Ja.” Nagayan turned to walk away but almost ran into a man who was standing just behind them. Tuti wondered why he hadn’t seen him before. Turning away, Tuti slotted his coins into the machine in front of him and tuned out the conversation between Nagayan and the old man. 


“Are you with anyone?” The man was about 6 feet tall had brown hair and eyes and needed a shave. A shower wouldn’t go a miss either.

“Ah-Sort of.” Nagayan shifted awkwardly.

“Well, ditch them and come with me.” He purred.

“No, thank you.” Nagayan turned to walk away but his wrist was caught painfully and pulled back.

“I said ditch them and stay with me.” Nagayan tried to pull away but the other man held strong.

“Let me go!”

“No.” He tightened his grip again. Nagayan yelped in pain, trying again to pull away.

“He’s with me” Arms slid from behind Nagayan and over his chest.

‘Oh my god! Tuti’s touching me!’ Nagayan thought in panic forgotten all about the pain on his wrist.

The old man backed off when faced with someone else, clearly no wanting to deal with anyone else.

“Are you alright?” Tuti asked, turning Nagayan to face him. The older man could only nod jerkily.

“E-eto, Excuse me. A-Are you Tsuchiya Yuichi and Nagayama Takashi?” A timid voice broke through to them.

Tuti, forgetting they were famous, turned towards the girl. “Yep! How can I help you?”

“Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! IT’S TUTI AND NAGAYAN!!!” She screamed, going into ‘fan girl mode’.


“Oh my god! Tuti! Nagayan!”

“Tuti-kun! Nagayan-kun!”

“Tuti, let’s go!” Nagayan cried. He pulled Tuti’s jumper and quickly paid for their tickets in the gate. “We should be able to loose them in the carnival.” He called over his shoulder, glancing at the throng behind them. Looking ahead he could see the Ferris wheel with no one waiting in line. He pulled Tuti towards it and shot a smile at the man standing near the door. He hopped in and sat down heavily. Tuti came in a moment later. A moment after that the door was closed and wheel started moving. They were silent for a few minutes until they were reaching the top.

“Is your wrist okay” Tuti asked softly. Nagayan started before glancing at his wrist. It was starting to purple and swell.

“It doesn’t hurt. It should have but it doesn’t.” Tuti frowned and gently grabbed Nagayan’s wrist looking at it carefully.

“It certainly looks sore” Nagayan shifted awkwardly inwardly ecstatic that Tuti was holding his wrist gently.

Suddenly the wheel halted to a stop. Both Tuti and Nagayan stood up to see what was happening.

“Fan girls. They’ve unplugged the Ferris wheel to keep us here or something.” Tuti said as he sat back down again. Nagayan stayed standing peering out the window.

“Then why are all of the techs people running around?” the shorter man asked.

“I don’t know. Maybe they unplugged the computer instead.” Tuti leaned back and looked at his companion through slotted eyes.

Suddenly the compartment jerked. Nagayan stumbled back and tripped over Tuti’s big feet. He stumbled sideways before crashing down.

Nagayan slowly opened his eyes and looked down at what he had fallen on, when he saw that he landed on Tuti his heart skipped a beat.

“Okay?” Dazedly, Nagayan nodded, staring at Tuti’s slightly smiling face.

“Hm. Daijoubu desu.” Nagayan tried t get up off Tuti’s lap but was pulled back down so that he was now straddling the younger man’s thighs.


“Lately, I’ve been thinking,” Tuti started, lacing his hands behind Nagayan’s back. “About you, me and everything else.”

“What do you mean?” A year ago, Nagayan confessed to liking Tuti as more than just friends. Unfortunately for Nagayan, Tuti didn’t feel the same way to him and so brushed him off and they simply remained good friends.

“Ever since – your confession, I’ve been thinking.” Nagayan tried again to get off Tuti but he was having none of it.


“And – I’ve just been thinking. How could you like me? How did you live with me saying ‘no’?” Tuti looked directly into Nagayan’s eyes as he talked. Nagayan froze, surprised by the intensity.

“Also – do you still like me? Or do you hate me now because I rejected you? I-I’m just so confused…” he trailed off.

Nagayan peered down into the dark eyes that still hadn’t left his.

“Confused? About what?” He breathed.

“How I feel. Why I rejected you. Why I have no problem with this position…”Tuti replied. Nagayan glanced down at Tuti’s mouth before glancing back up to his eyes. Almost with a mind of its own, Nagayan’s head inched forward until his lips were hovering above those of Tuti. He heard Tuti swallow nervously. He stared at Tuti’s eyes as he continues to move forward. 


He was kissing Tuti.

Tuti was kissing him back.

He was in heaven. 


He could feel his lips sliding over Tuti’s soft ones.

It was soft and gentle and full of unspoken feelings and apologies.

Tuti pulled Nagayan closer and felt arms wrap around his neck.

Nagayan pulled back to look at the other man in the face. When he saw a dazed look on Tuti’s face he smiled and buried his face in his shoulder.

This was how it was meant to be.
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queen lia.minutie on August 21st, 2007 07:38 am (UTC)
Risa-san! You're back. ^^

Nice ficlet. Ahh, Kimeru...

I'm not all that into TeniMyu slash, as of yet, but I couldn't resist some TxN. They're just too... married.

Hmm, although just a TAD bit cliche, it was quite cute. Good job ne.