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25 May 2008 @ 09:56 pm
I fell in love with 声 and Take me Far away !!!!!

I've been listening to them for two days over and over again! Can never get bored of it!!!

Now I'm starting to like 嵐 as well.... blame it all to my friend... *sighs* (actually part of it is my fault for watching HYD both seasons and fell in love straight away with Jun's character!!! hehehehehe... i luv his acting!!!)

i bought 嵐's Around Asia DVD from Chinatown for $15... I thought I was gonna regret buying it buy I didn't... I love it! But NEWS is still my 一番!!!! Planning to buy KT's DVD now... the one where Jin showed up in the middle of the concert... I've seen a clip of it and it had Akame feeling in the first few seconds! xD

Ma ma... I got my copy of This is the SUMMER TIME! about three weeks ago and have not listen to them (only opened them to see the booklet!) I pre-ordered アイアイ傘 too... Don't want to miss it! Especially when they're releasing a limited edition with DVD!!!

I watched Yamapi's Hanamaru Cafe (I think last month's or a couple or more months back? I'm not sure... *sweat drops*) well anyway he showed a picture of him and four other members (Massu skipped :( said that he was tired...) in the big bath house naked!! (though you can't see anything... xD) ans said that he recorded some things while they were taking a bath... xD (the bath was in the middle of their concert break) and he said that WHEN their DVD release he hopes that his recording will be included in it as well!! I hold myself to scream at that time as I wished that Johnny-sama will release a DVD for NEWS Pacific Concert 2007-2008. After that I've been checking johnnys-net.jp and yesasia.com nrealy everyday... xD Just hurry up please... I want it even though someone uploaded the fancam of it but most of recording was pointed to the audience... :( I'm still greatful though cause by her I got to watch Pi with his Gomen ne Juliet! The water around his was soooooo cool!!! xD

Anyway, Johnny-sama please hurry up!!! I'll wait forever if I have to! xD

Ja ne~~~
Mood: crazycrazy
Music: 嵐‐声